Iron City Fishing Club

A Quick History

Iron City Fishing Club was created over 100 years ago. It started as a camp with nothing, but tents on wooden platforms. The members only club now has over 80 cabins, approx 60 cabins belong to the Check out this short video of ICFC by Diehl Sillers on YouTube.members and 20 belong to the care takers, workers, mess hall and shops to work in. The name Iron City comes from the original members who lived in Pittsburg, PA. which was known for its steel plants. The original members have passed down their memberships through the years to their family. It really is a unique community of people who come together to enjoy good food, good company and good fishing.

Held on August 1, 2014. From 12:30pm – 3:30pm.

The Art show

This will be my third year attending the arts and crafts show. Many local artists from the Georgian Bay area have attended through the years as well. Anything from paintings to hand made pottery is sold at the show. I, myself, have displayed charcoal drawings of animals similar to my Pet Sketch Business, as well as hand made oak cheese boards, fishing rod holders, book ends, candle holders and more.

Other local artists who have attended are Ed Bartram, Scott Barnim, Lu Robitaille, and more.

Please Note:
Iron City Fishing Club is a PRIVATE CLUB, and is only open to the public during the art show on Friday August 1st, from 12:30pm to about 3:30pm. Thanks.