Do Onnit Products Work?

Do Onnit Products Work?

The short answer is, yes. The longer answer follows in the rest of this article. I have listed a few of the products I use below with a little info about them, but first, what is Onnit? I couldn’t sum it up better than the video above. It’s been the life long mission of Onnit Founder & CEO, Aubrey Marcus, to achieve the most out of the human body, mentally and physically. From time to time Aubrey Marcus will call into the Jason Ellis Show and give some advice on nutrition, exercise and overall well being. You can hear the conviction in his voice; he means what he says. Onnit’s slogan is “Total Human Optimization”. To sum up the Onnit mission statement, the company seeks peak performance through earth-grown nutrients, actionable information, bleeding-edge science and time-tested strategies from top athletes around the world.



Why choose Onnit?

Being an artist/graphic designer, I understand how important physical exercise is to keep you on top of your mental game. Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you work at a desk or computer all day. Maybe you work in the trades on your feet all day. The important thing to take away is that your body needs daily exercise regardless of your career. Your body is a machine. If it’s running in the red, then your mind cannot be functioning at one hundred percent either. Save 10% with coupon code: “TRUDEAU” on your next order.

I’ve used a lot of the fitness brand whey proteins and NO2 Explode type powders you find in GNC and other nutrition stores. Read the ingredients for those products. If you can’t pronounce it, you should question whether your body can absorb it. People forget that the human body is the evolution of an animal. We come from monkeys, gorillas, apes, whatever one you want to use. We still require those earth grown nutrients that our ancestors consumed to operate at maximum capacity. One of the strongest pound for pound animals is a gorilla. Their diet consists of raw fruits, veggies and nuts with the occasional meal of meat.



Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a complete, balanced, scientifically validated nootropic designed to help with mental drive, focus and memory. Does Alpha Brain work? For me, Alpha Brain does exactly what it says. It clears the mental fog and provides focus. You wake up alert and ready to attack the day. It’s easier to recall memory and thoughts. I felt the effects immediately with increased effects after 10 days. The main reason I use Alpha Brain is to keep those creative ideas flowing. Being an artist and a graphic designer, I like having the mental clarity to create and execute those thoughts efficiently and professionally.



Shroom Tech Sport

Shroom Tech is designed to provide cellular energy through the production of ATP, rather than stimulants. Shroom Tech contains the traditional Chinese ‘caterpillar mushroom’, Cordyceps Sinensis. Cordyceps has been shown to increase oxygen utilization, cellular ATP production and stabilize blood sugar metabolism. All research and data can be found on Shroom Tech’s website.

So does Shroom Tech Sport work? I love running and I love waking up at 5 am to crush those early workouts. Sometimes my mind is ready to go, but my body needs a little boost. Aside from Vega Sport, which I’ll review in another article later, I use Shroom Tech Sport a lot. You might be wondering how long does Shroom Tech last? For me, it’s easily an hour and more. It gives me clean energy and drive without feeling like a bag of shit after. A lot of people ask, does Shroom Tech Sport have caffeine? No, and all the info can be found here.




Onnit 180

I’ve used Forgiven, an alcohol metabolizer that you take after you drink, and it works, but you still have a little funny feeling leftover. You’re not a 100% recovered. With Onnit 180, it’s like a body reset. I’ve given this to friends and family and they couldn’t believe it. So if you wonder, does Onnit 180 work? Just try it, thats all I’m gonna say. Sorry Forgiven, I’m just being honest.




So the million dollar question is, “Do Onnit products really work?”. Hell, yeah. Don’t forget about this Onnit Coupon Code: “TRUDEAU” to receive 10% off your order. With products like Hemp Force Bars, ChocoFree Metabolate Chocolate, Warrior Bars and more, Onnit has a great lineup of foods, supplements and fitness equipment for top level athletes and food conscience, everyday people. From professional athletes like TJ Dillashaw,Tim Kennedy, Brian Cushing, as well as celebrities like Joe Rogan and more, Onnit continues to connect the top level athletes with the closest thing to “Total Human Optimization.” Did I mention the majority of Onnit’s products are vegan friendly?

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